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Continuing Education

Advanced Techniques incorporating various bodywork therapies 


Shawnte' Peterson is certified in several modalities, has a Bachelors in Kinesiology, Masters in Business and Public Health, she is also a Certified Health Educator Specialist.

Shawnte' shares her passion for bodywork and clinical practice in each of her courses to review anatomy, practical approach to applying kinesiology principles, sharing research and evidence for using various modalities, application of techniques when a client presents with an injury or an underlying condition.




Intro to Lymphatic Drainage – 4 Hour CE

Lymphatic Drainage  – 4 Hour CE

Post Surgical Care

Advanced Deep Tissue Technique – 4 Hour CE

Trigger Point Technique – 4 Hour CE

Mindful Massage – 4 Hour CE

Self Care Techniques           

Pre/Post Natal Care – 4 Hour CE

Advanced Shoulder Technique – 4 Hour CE

A Gentle Massage  – 4 Hour CE

Arthritis and Bodywork       

Intro to Reflexology – 4 Hour CE

Integrated Massage and Cupping – 6 Hour CE

Ethics - Professional Development - 2HR CE



Lymphatic Drainage Post Surgical Care – $450

**Body Contouring Technicians**

Training Certificate Course 4-5 Hours (based on class size)

Learning Objectives:

Anatomy of the Lymphatic Circulation System

Understand the lymph flow

How to stimulate Lymph Drainage

Benefits & effects of Treatment

Learn the best candidates for this treatment


How to incorporate this work into your wellness spa

Supplies, Tools, Client positioning

Hands on Skill

Yoni Steam Practitioner Training – $299

Learn Yoni Steaming for Wellness Services

Reproductive Anatomy

Female Vitality

History and Benefits

Indication & Contraindication

Herbal Blends and Herb Power

Step by Step Guide for Yoni Ceremony

Equipment needed


Group discounts available!



  • Wellness Community Classes

  • Couples Date Night

        A fun way to learn to massage your partner

  • Infant Massage

       Learn a soothing massage routine for your baby

  • Reflexology for your Family

       Essential points for at home care for your loved ones

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