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  30 Min Session $65   |   60 Min Session: $80    |    90 Min Session: $110



Elements Bliss

Relaxation Style 

Tension Tamer

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Technique 


Condition Specific Medical Massage

Integrated Massage & Cupping

Customized Technique

Hot Stone

Blissful, Warm, Healing

Pre & Post Natal

Nurturing the mother during and after birth


Flexibility assists in mobility, relaxation, improved circulation



Focus on Pressure Points on Feet and Hands to enhance wellness

Aromatherapy - Add on  $7

This treatment is from farm to the massage table, each blend brings harmony and pleasantly balances the flow of energy with every breath. 

~ Choose one that resonates with you


Lemon, lime, bergamot, lemongrass, orange


Eucalyptus, oregano, tea tree, rosemary

Breathe Easy- 

Basil, rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus


Mint cedarwood, patchouli


Lavendar, orange, grapefruit, basil


Lavendar, lemongrass, patchouli, wintergreen


Lymphatic Drainage -Medical

Specialized technique full body 

Chronic inflammation and Medical Conditions/ Autoimmune conditions / Oncology

Available 60min and 90 min sessions

Manual Lymphatic Drainage –Post surgery care-

Modified technique specifically for after cosmetic surgery, non-invasive cosmetic procedure focused bodywork on the area of inflammation after surgery

Includes Infrared light therapy and tools as needed for your recovery

30 Min Session: $65

*Multi-session packages available for post surgical care*

3  - 30min sessions  for $180

6 - 30min sessions  for $355

Elements of Health incorporates Infrared Light therapy, Gua Sha, Vibration, Custom blend of skin hydrating oils, arnica essential oil, dry brushing, wood therapy


Reduce Inflammation, Improve sensation in the skin, Improve soft tissue mobility, better recovery time

 Detox & Enhance Lymph Function, Post-Surgical Lymphatic Drainage, Enhance results after Abdominoplasty, Liposuction, Skin removal, BBL, Mastectomy, Breast Augmentation, Minimize scarring, Reduce pain

Elements of Health is a partner with VA Community Care Network

Ask your VA provider for a Massage Therapy Referral

We accept Health Savings Plan or Flex Spending Account

ADD -ON  Treatments

Synergy Stones + Aromatherapy - $20

~Heated stones with your choice of essential oils

Eco Paraffin Treatment  - $20

Warm soothing paraffin foot treatment

Foot Scrub Treatment - $20

Sugar exfoliates - shea butter softens

Wellness Membership Perks


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Spa Party

Customized  party for our group combine massage and wellness services

Chair Massage

Convenient, Relaxing, Proven results

                 SKIN  & BODY

  Facials   |   Combo sessions   |    Sauna Blanket


Express Facial  - $65

30min session includes cleanse, mask and moisturizer with a face massage


Elements Facial    - $85


Customized for your skin type, includes skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, mask, moisturizer, infused serum and facial massage

Oxygen Facial  ( TGIF) - $110


A luxurious 3 step facial includes mask, oxygen treatment, hydrating mask, deep cleanse, reverses signs of aging, rosacea and spider veins


                     Sauna Blanket

                          90min $110

Release & Flow - Release what no longer serves you-Tension Tamer + Sauna blanket

Smooth & Sexy - Lymphatic Drainage technique + Sauna Blanket

Tighten & Tone - Massage +Clay body mask with Sauna blanket







                   Combo sessions

Back & Face Rejuvenation- 2 hr $160

60min customized facial session with special back treatment with cleanser, steam, scrub and massage with hydrating oils

Reflexology and Ionic Foot Detox - 2hr   $160

Unwind your tension with Massage focused on feet and hands followed by a Detoxing foot soak

Bliss + Womb Wellness - 2hr  $160

Blissful massage includes Abdominal treatment + Yoni Steam Ritual

Integrated Cupping Plus Stretch - 90min

Healing benefits of Trigger point therapy and vacuum cupping plus 30min of Stretching

Bliss + Eco Paraffin - 90min

Customized massage session with added benefit of warm paraffin softening the skin of the hands or feet


RainDrop Therapy - $110

A special blend of Young Living Oils and techniques to offer cleansing, balance and harmony

Five Elements Bliss  + Acupuncture  -$160

2Hour session - relax re-focus the flow of energy in your body with massage and acupuncture

Ear Acupuncture  - $45

Shawnte' Peterson is a Acu-detox Specialist

The ear acupuncture technique has many benefits *check out my blog*

Ear Candling - $45

30min session - Natural hemp and paraffin wax candle pull toxins, relieve pressure

or debris from the ear

Abdominal Castor oil pack - $45

Abdominal lymphatic massage relieving bloating and constipation

Arm Pit Detox - $45

Detox and cleanse chemical/clinical strength antiperspirants

Ionic Foot Detox - $55

Soothing warm foot detox pulling toxins from your body through your feet

Yoni Steaming Ritual  - $55

Herbal cleanse, hydrate, energy release

*Ask about Yoni Party*

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