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Public Health Considerations for Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Practitioners nation wide are brainstorming on how we can get back to our clients safely and effectively. Our client’s health and our community’s health and well-being are what brought us to this industry. Many of us struggled with the thought of closing our doors because our bodywork practices are our only source of income, sole proprietors in our industry were uncertain about whether unemployment insurance would help provide for our needs in the gap while we do our part to flatten the curve. We stepped away from our businesses and practices and can not allow fear and uncertainty change our entrepreneurial drive.

During these weeks since the stay at home order was implemented, I have read and reviewed and drilled down a bit deeper into our role in the healthcare community. Besides spending some quality time with my daughters and husband playing games trying our best to extend school work and giving gardening a try; I have done deep cleaning at my office and staying connected with clients. When our community is ready to re-open and mandates are lifted, we will be ready.

Many aspects of COVID-19 are still being studied however we can face the possibility of providing safe service for our clients with thorough practices that are being used in the medical clinic setting through guidelines of organizations that protect the consumer such as OSHA, EPA, CDC and State guidelines.

Elements of Health is committed to reopening with confidence in our safety and hygienic practices in continuing to serve our clients pain management, orthopedic soft tissue work as well as stress management needs.

The following sites just scratch the surface of the practical ways we can add to the hygienic practices we already use and double down on disinfecting methods that can kill micro-organisms to keep our clients and ourselves safe.

VA BON – Massage Therapy in Virginia is regulated by the Board of Nursing and they provide us a daily briefing and guidance on how we can reopen with confidence, with information on the facts about the virus and our States virus growth and decisions on reopening and safe practices.

EPA -The Environmental Protection Agency provides regulation and guidance on cleanliness and safety of products we can use to stay safe and provide an environment that will allow us to reopen with confidence in our ability continue to reduce the curve but get back to providing service to our clients. Difference in disinfecting, sanitizing, and sterilizing and products we can use.

FEMA -The Federal Emergency Management Agency is deployed all over the nation in areas severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency suggests 10 things we can all do to help our community fight the spread.

CDC- Our nation is relying on the Centers for Disease Control as they analyze the data and share the facts about the virus. The information is evolving daily so healthcare providers are evaluating the data that is provided and have to make the best decisions for our practices and for the health and safety of our local communities in reopening and providing modified options for our clients.

OSHA – transmission of infectious disease can happen through a variety of ways and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration gives healthcare providers regulatory standards and guidance on how to prevent the spread, protect ourselves and the community we serve.

LMT Solutions – Andrea Fiorillo developed a lovely presentation for Massage Practitioners to be ready for reopening, be confident and not fearful about your practices ability to provide safe treatment.

I can't wait to get back to taking care of you

~Shawnte' Peterson

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