Yoni Steam

 The wellness of the woman's womb is essential to her health

Yoni Steam ~ $45

~   Also known as V-steam, Korean Hip Bath, Peri-Steam, Mayan Bajos steam

Vaginal health is essential (NO MORE DOUCHING)

Using plant essence and steam you can detox, hydrate, tighten and tone uterine walls, cleanse, relieve hemorrhoids,  vaginal dryness due to menopause or medications, heal after episiotomy, healing after giving birth or miscarriage,  pre and post menstruation to relieve PMS

Available one session or multi-session package, and Yoni Group session with your besties. 

Health Education

Individual Diabetes Self Management Education Session

Telephone Support

Medicare/Medicaid accepted


Community Wellness through Health Education​


A Health Educator works closely  with individuals in the community, collaborating with  your clinical care team and healthcare providers. Promoting Self-care, disease management, communicating actionable data to the care team; supporting delivery of a comprehensive plan  tailored to the individual's goals. Achieve positive outcomes by meeting goals that are culturally competent, timely, and efficient.


The Elements of Health integrated approach is connecting individuals to community services and resources, as well as support and adopting healthy behaviors.

Shawnte' Peterson is a Diabetes Self- Management Educator. Eligible individuals with Pre-Diabetes or Diabetes, in the community can submit a request for a one on one coaching session. Persons with Diabetes and their families are eligible for an training and education session to ensure confidence in managing the care needed to meet goals determined by healthcare providers. The sessions offer baseline skills training for the individual, caregivers and family members that will be supporting the individuals diabetic care.

Benefits of Diabetes Self Management Education session

* Empower individuals and families to learn healthy behaviors with a new diagnosis

* Meet goals set by Physician and health care providers (weight/dietary)

* Support by phone, or in person and a liaison and advocate for your health

* Encouragement, managing a new diagnosis can be difficult, you can do it, you can have a healthy    lifestyle with Diabetes.

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