Skin, Body & Wellness Services

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Elements Bliss + Eco Paraffin Treatment  - 90min

Custom Massage with heated paraffin treatment for hands & Feet 

Integrated Massage & Cupping + Stretch  - 90min

Customized Technique to loosen and rejuvenate your mind and body


Elements Bliss + Womb wellness  - 120min

Blissful, Abdominal Massage plus custom blend Yoni Steam

Reflexology  plus Ionic Foot detox  - 120min 

Relax &  focus on pressure points on Feet and Hands to enhance wellness - Then wash away the toxins 

Release and Flow - Sauna Blanket Detox - 90min

Release what no longer serves you - with Tension Tamer massage using special hydrating oil blend then snuggle into the

Infrared Sauna blanket

Smooth and Sexy - Sauna Blanket Cellulite - 90min

Lymphatic technique massage using special detoxing oil blend then zip up into the Infrared Sauna blanket

Tighten and Tone - Sauna Blanket Detox - 90min

A Stimulating Clay body mask, hydo-collagen  massage then wrap up into the Infrared Sauna Blanket

Five Element Bliss - Acupuncture - 120min 

Relax  focus on the flow of energy in your body, Acupuncture, reflexology and full body blissful massage


Five Element Bliss  - Reiki  - 120min 

Breathe  focus on the movement of energy in your body, Reiki,

mindful meditation and blissful massage 

RainDrop Therapy  -90min

A special blend of Young Living oils and techniques to bring cleansing, balance, harmony

Add-on Treats

Add a little extra to your Session

Renewed Foot Scrub Treatment - $20

A gentle yet invigorating foot scrub and massage focusing on clarity and peace of mind. Best for those with tired feet. 


Eco Paraffin- $20

Bings together elements of aromatherapy, heat and soothing paraffin to soften the skin and renew your body's vital energy

Synergy Stones with Aromatherapy - $20

Combines all the benefits of heat-therapy with massage strokes to create a deeply relaxing and healing treatment with your favorite essential oils. 


   90 Min Session: $100     |     120 Min session   $150


Wellness DETOX

   60 Min Session: $75

Back and Body Renewed

Massage with special focus on back with a heated back scrub and hydrating oils


Lymphatic Head Neck and Face

Invigorating Massage with focus on muscles, sinus, scalp and hydrating the skin

- ALSO great to add-on Ear candling

Elements Bliss + Foot Scrub

Relaxation with a twist - exfoliating sugar scrub with soothing body butter


Ear Acupuncture

   60 Min Session: $95

Shawnte' Peterson is a Certified ACUDetox Specialist - for Ear Acupuncture

The Ear Protocol has amazing benefits, check out my blog to learn more.

Add on Ear Acupuncture for $45

Ear Candling – $45

Relax cozy on the table  30min session

Natural hemp and paraffin candles pull toxins, fluid and wax from your ear. Excellent post respiratory infection or head cold.

Abdominal Castor Oil Pack – $25

Relaxing session of abdominal lymphatic massage with castor oil and heat pack as it absorbs into your system you will feel relief of bloating, reduce symptoms of constipation, cleansing for the liver, reduce inflammation.


Arm Pit Detox – $35

Detoxing from chemical and clinical strength deodorants can be challenging. This charcoal scrub, aloe mask and turmeric cleanse will remove residue and help you along your journey.

Ionic Foot Bath Detox – $55

Soothing warm foot bath using ionic array that will pull toxins from your body through your feet. Notice the changes to the water as heavy metals, yeast, stagnant lymph fluid are released you will begin to balance your pH-level and feel amazing.

Yoni Steam – $55

Vaginal health is essential (NO MORE DOUCHING)​.

Using plant essence and steam you can detox, hydrate, tighten and tone uterine walls, cleanse, relieve hemorrhoids, vaginal dryness due to menopause or medications, heal after episiotomy, healing after giving birth or miscarriage, pre and post menstruation to relieve PMS

Available one session or multi-session packages

Yoni Group session with your besties.

Elements of Health is a American Specialty Health Provider

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