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Participants are introduced to advanced techniques related to various bodywork therapies in several areas of the body. Shawnte' is certified in several modalities, has a Bachelors in Kinesiology, Masters in Business and Public Health, she is also a Certified Health Educator Specialist.

Shawnte' Peterson has been practicing Massage for 19 years in multiple settings including chiropractic, sports rehabilitation, private practice, wellness center, luxury spa, as well as franchise setting and franchise management.

She is a Massage Therapy instructor, focused on clinical massage application.  The various settings have given  Shawnte' an strong perspective on caring for clients, importance of a strong kinesiology & anatomy foundation as well as how to integrate evidence based techniques to customize treatment plans for helping clients feel better.



Shawnte' shares her passion for bodywork and clinical practice in each of her courses to review anatomy, practical approach to applying kinesiology principles, sharing research and evidence for using various modalities, application of techniques when a client presents with an injury or an underlying condition.

The following are Elements of Health Approved Courses:

Intro to Lymphatic Drainage                                    4 Hour CE

Lymphatic Drainage Post Surgical Care                4 Hour CE

Advanced Deep Tissue Technique                           4 Hour CE

Trigger Point Technique                                            4 Hour CE

Mindful Massage - Self Care Techniques               4 Hour CE

Pre/Post Natal Care                                                    4 Hour CE

Advanced Shoulder Technique                                4 Hour CE

A Gentle Massage - Arthritis and Bodywork         4 Hour CE

Intro to Reflexology                                                   4 Hour CE

Integrated Massage and Cupping                            6 Hour CE

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Career Longevity

"Learn a Technique Today and Incorporate it in your Practice Tomorrow"

Course Calendar


Nov 16, 2019 8 Hr

Intro to Lymphatic plus Lymphatic Post Surgical Care -Private course

Dec 5, 2019 NSU Chair Massage


Jan 12, 2020 4pm-530 

FREE CE Workshop Q&A with Demo

RSVP by Jan 10




February 9, 2020 9am-5pm

8 Hr CE

Intro to Lymphatic Drainage PLUS Post Surgical Care

$200  RSVP by Feb 7



February 22, 2020 9am-1pm

4 Hour CE

Advanced Deep Tissue Technique

$85.00 RSVP by Feb 19

March 1, 2020  4pm-5:30pm

FREE CE Workshop Q&A and Demo

RSVP Feb 26

March 15, 2020 10am - 4pm

6 hour CE Course

Integrated Cupping Massage

$100  RSVP by March 12


April 5, 2020 1pm-5pm

4 hour CE Course

Advanced Shoulder Technique

$85.00 RSVP by April 2

April 18-19, 2020 

12 Hour CE

Corrective Bodywork - Low Back

Instructor Dr Bruce Costello

Early RSVP $250

More info call 757-529-1647



April 24 Rock That Chair Orthopedic Technique

Dr Robert White

April 25 Orthopedic Massage

May 11/12 & 13/14, 2020

Dr Robert White

Thai on the Table 

Instructor Robert Gardner

RSVP $400

More info call 757-529-1647



June 28, 2020 9am - 5pm

8 hour CE Course

Intro to Lymphatic Drainage PLUS Post Surgical Care

$200  RSVP by June 24

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