We make wellness an everyday occasion and we also have events to help you build your wellness toolkit. 

Register for these special events via email or by calling the spa 


Meditation Workshop
September 15

Join Shawnte and Othella for this meditation and breath work class on Thursday September 15th from 4-6. 

We will go over two types of breathing exercises and two types of meditation techniques so you can find the best fit for your practice. 

The cost: $55 and Space is Limited, please call the spa to RSVP. 


Why Meditation? It can provide:

Improvements in immune function

Reduction of pain

Reduction of inflammation, especially for arthritis, with some benefits also for cancer and other conditions

Increases in brain matter, cortical thickness, and cognitive benefits

Improvements in memory, and help with cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s

Improvements in ability to regulate emotions

Reduction of stress and the negative health issues associated with stress

Enhances focus and attention and job performance

Improves Emotional Intelligence

Reduces depression and loneliness.


Building your Toolkit
September 25

A toolbox can be metal, wood or even glass. Beyond the structure of a Toolbox, the tools are the most important part.


A Spiritual Tool Box may hold a variety of tools to assist us through many aspects of our journey throughout this lifetime. From Self-care tools to creativity activities, we will build our Spiritual Toolbox to supports and align with our Divine Path one tool at a time.


Come out to explorer the wonder and vastness of tools we may use daily as preventive medicine for the soul.  


This class will be taught by one of our Teachers/Healers Othella Price

$60.00 fee 

Semicircle of Crystals

Advanced Crystals
October 23

Would you like to take working with the wonderful world of crystals to the next level? In this class we will cover an additional method of crystal healing including small grids, gridding on a larger level and more.

We'll discuss and create crystal elixirs you can take home. Application and use to raise your vibration and boost your healing ability.

3:00 pm October 23


Cost for this class is $60.00. This includes the elixir, instructions, and materials.

Taught by Instructor/ Healer Othella Price

Crystals 101
October 9 

If you’re new to the crystal world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s big crystals, small crystals, crystal spheres, crystal hearts, crystals for charging other crystals—with all these choices, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’re boiling it down with this essential class of crystals for beginners.
The first and most important lesson you’ll learn from your work with crystals, is to trust yourself. Trust that you know which crystal is right for your spirit, and trust your connection with it.

This beginners class will get you well your way to incorporating crystal use on your spiritual journey and everyday life.


3:00 pm October 9

Please confirm to reserve your seat as soon as possible! This fee class is $60.00 and includes a crystal starter set for you to take home. We look forward to seeing you there.


This class is be taught by one of our Teachers/Healers Othella Price

Assorted Crystals