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The 5 Needle Protocol developed by grassroots group of Acupuncturist in Bronx New York in the 60's the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association has taken this protocol around the globe. Shawnte' is a Acudetox Specialist offering this technique in the community. The benefits of adding Acudetox to your wellness regimen are increasing calm within you, improved sleep, less agitation, relief from trauma, reduce cravings for alcohol, nicotine, drugs and sugar as well as discovering you inner quiet, strength, courage and resiliency.

Each Needle is inserted into a particular acupoint on the ear, the points represent each element within your body. The beauty within each point described here:

Sympathetic (point 1) Balances the sympathetic nervous system, has strong analgesic and relaxant effect upon the internal organs, dilates the blood vessels, reduces epinephrine and norepinephrine levels for relaxation, calms the body.

ShenMen (point 2) The word translates as "spirit gate". This point helps calm the mind, alleviates anxiety, depression, insomnia, restlessness, alleviates pain, tension, reduces hypertension, opens connection to spirit and heart.

Kidney Point (point 3) In Chinese Medicine, the Kidney corresponds with growth, development, reproduction, courage, intelligence and the aging process. Also associated with fear, resolve and will. Stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions, influences mental state and happiness, relieve fears, reminds client of their will, intention to overcome addictions and allows you to hear the positive.

Liver Point (point 4) In Chinese Medicine, the Liver corresponds with anger and aggression and keeping both of those emotions moving smoothly. responsible for planning, vision, insight. Also stimulates physiologic and hormonal functions, relieves muscle cramps, aids in clear thinking and decision making, relieves frustration, depression and anger. Assists the client to connect with internal self and find direction in life.

Lung Point (point 5) The Lung is important in inspiration of air, but also in immunity and protecting the body, grieving process and with letting go. In Chinese Medicine, we look to the Lung for inspiration, respect, connection with the heavens, detoxification, regulation of sadness, improves self respect and integrity.

This beautiful treatment only requires 35-45 minutes of your time and can be used regularly in your wellness regimen whether you are looking for detox, stress management, relief from trauma, or seeking assistance with reducing addiction.

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