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Five Elements Within You

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

The Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a reflection of our human connection to the natural world.

Shawnte' is studying Acupuncture and is so fascinated by how our bodies physically correspond to each element naturally. We can observe the five elements within each of us as seasons change, when it transitions from day to night, our bodies know what to do. We are composed of each element just as earth is made of 78 percent water and composed of all elements so are we.

Earth reflects within you by our fleshy body we are supported and grounded by the earth beneath our feet; our ability to give and receive nurturing to have reciprocity.

Metal reflects within you by the air we breath connects us to heaven, it is our connection with our ancestors; a majestic sturdiness that also allows letting go of what no longer serves us.

Water reflects within you through the movement of body fluids and Qi in our body; overcoming obstacles that scare us, being creative and the gift of a refreshing stillness.

Wood reflects within you through the evolution of your life, the ebb and flow of growth within you and around you. Represents a strong yet flexible rising energy.

Fire reflects within you by the warm spark within our spirit that brings a life sustaining joy that keeps us going and the connection to people and things you love.

The two fundamental forces of the universe in Traditional Chinese Medicine are Yin and Yang. In this medicine, your body is seen as a kingdom and our organs are the officials of the kingdom. When they are all in balance - the physical and psychological representation of the elements within us move in harmony and balance.

As a Acudetox Specialist (ADS) Shawnte' brings all Five Elements into the treatment room to help rebalance and align the elements within you with only 5 needles in the ear using the Acudetox protocol, full body massage and reflexology you will transform right under her hands.

Book your Five Elements Massage TODAY...

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