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5 Tips for an Amazing Massage Experience

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Whether this is your first massage or 100th, following these few tips will enhance your body's response to the massage treatment and make the effects of the relaxation last until you are on the table again. Our magnificent body is designed to recover, heal, defend and function at an optimal level, however there are a few obstacles that prevent optimal function. For instance, dehydration is one of the leading causes for several conditions; water is essential to our bodies function on the cellular level to digestion and movement.

Tip 1: Hydrate if you are scheduled for a massage tomorrow you should drink at least 8 - 8oz glasses of water to ensure your muscle and tissue will receive the work easily and not leave you with delayed onset muscle soreness, it is equally important to hydrate after the session to keep the euphoria lingering and flush any toxins moved in the session.

Tip 2: Discussing your body concerns with the Massage Therapist. Most Massage Practitioners are knowledgeable of anatomy and can customize your session to fit your bodies needs by extending the duration, enhancing the session with heat, ice, stones, CBD or aromatherapy.

Other obstacles to optimal function of our body are environmental factors such as pollution, processed foods, chemicals, aerosols, stress all can alter the functionality of our bodies. Not only can posture and tension affect our muscles emotional trauma can also be held and cause repetitive holding patterns that your massage practitioner can work with.

Tip 3: Let go...easier said than done. Building a rapport with your Massage practitioner can give you mental ease and allow you to relax enough to release tension, open joint spaces and eliminate toxins.

Tip 4: Your comfort is most important, so speak up if the pressure is to intense or the stone is to hot or if the aroma is not your favorite. This can definitely minimize your enjoyment and decrease your ability to let go and relax.

Tip 5: After your massage, most of us have to go back to reality and return to common postures and repetitive use work settings. Try to switch it up rearrange your desk ensure your knees are 90 degrees, facing forward (screen at eye level) and wrist comfortably resting on the keyboard and mouse.

Other tips include do not eat a heavy meal before the massage, drink alcohol before or after the massage this can lead to bloating and releasing gas during the session or dizziness after the session. Massage is more than a rub down it is a therapeutic bodywork session to enhance your body's ability to recover, heal, return to optimal function.

Thank you for reading

I hope to see you on my table soon

~Shawnte' Peterson, LMT, MPH, CHES

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